Welcome to EWGAE 2018 website

In September 2016 the General Assembly of the European Working Group on Acoustic Emission (EWGAE) has awarded the hosting of the next conference to Cetim in Senlis.

This is a great honor for being chosen as the venue for this 33rd conference, 18 years after hosting EWGAE in 2000.

The organization of this next conference is prepared with a team of people wishing to bring the best to this new event that will bring together colleagues and friends as well as engineers, scientists, and students working on Acoustic Emission(AE).

The EWGAE congress joined with exhibition of technique and services for AE testing will give the opportunity to exchange on information concerning the scientific and technical development of Acoustic Emission.

For these reasons it is the pleasure of EWGAE and Cetim to invite everyone interested in AE to participate and contribute to the success to this 33rd Conference of the European Working Group on Acoustic Emission (EWGAE) at Cetim in Senlis, France in 2018.

We will take advantage of this opportunity to show you the region of Senlis that was the birthplace of the Kings of France, without forgetting to spend a pleasant moment in Paris where so much is to be discovered.

Main topics of the conference will be :

  • AE testing (pressure vessels, storage tanks, pipes, etc.)
  • AE monitoring (objects, machinery, processes, wear, etc.)
  • AE and material behavior (metals, polymers, composites, concrete, bones, wood, etc.)
  • AE localisation of defects
  • AE from corrosion
  • AE from leakage
  • AE in civil engineering
  • AE in geology
  • AE in transportation engineering
  • AE in medical applications
  • AE and tribology
  • AE signal detection and processing
  • AE equipment and software
  • AE standardisation