Gala Dinner

For the September 12th, 2018 – Gala Evening at Royaumont Abbey : organ concert and dinner at the monks’ refectory

The Royaumont Abbey, founded in 1228 by the future King Louis, is a Gothic architectural jewel built around a magnificent Cistercian cloister. A park, romantic ruins and three remarkable gardens complete the setting, which is conducive to contemplation and the sharing of ideas, as well as celebration, whether festive or more understated.

For the September 13th, 2018 – Gala dinner at Senlis

It has a long and rich heritage, having traversed centuries of history. This medieval town has welcomed some of the most renowned figures in French history, including Hugh Capet, Louis IX, the Marshal of France, Anne of Kiev and Séraphine de Senlis. The monarchs of the early French dynasties lived here, attracted by the proximity of the Chantilly forest. It is renowned for the gothic Senlis Cathedral and its vast historical monuments. Its inhabitants are called « Senlisiens » and « Senlisiennes ».